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Donna Shin, LCPC, Certified Holistic Wellness Coach

Helping spiritual survivors of narcissistic abuse heal and make meaning of their grief and trauma.

For spiritual survivors, ready to recover themselves and their lives.

Donna Shin, LCPC, Certified Holistic Wellness Coach in Towson, MD

6 common questions every survivor recovering from a toxic relationship has but may be afraid to ask.

Heal the remaining grief and trauma and discover your true empowered self.
Transcend it all into meaning and purpose.

Are you survivor struggling with…
  • continued confusion and indecisiveness about your next step
  • continued self-doubt
  • grief that never ends
  • rumination and vacillation in your mind about the relationship, the abuser and yourself
  • what to do with all this
  • wondering if you will ever be the same
You’re in the right place!
I specialize in helping you, in the final stages of your recovery, find the clarity and confidence to trust in yourself again to rise to your next level of healing.
Imagine, having a clear mind that has gained acceptance and understanding of yourself. others, and a life changing situation.
Let’s integrate all the lessons so that you can tell your unique story without shame, but with dignity and grace.  Now that is what I call freedom!

"Peace comes from accepting your path just as it is”

Soul of Healing groups to help you move into clarity and meaning.

For you to release existing grief and trauma.

STARTS: APRIL 22, 2024

For you if you desire to work on meaning, higher level consciousness and spiritual growth.

STARTS: MAY 15, 2024

Master of Science
in pastoral counseling
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

Are you involved with a unsafe person?
Could this person even be a narcissist or sociopath?

Below are some questions to consider.

  • Are you feeling emotionally unsafe?
  • Are you feeling alone, exhausted, and confused?
  • Are you suffering in your relationship and praying desperately for answers and clarity?
  • Do you feel like you’re going crazy and have become very reactive and don’t like the woman you’re becoming?
  • Are you trying too hard to get your needs met and change or “help” your partner?
  • Are you coming up against dismissal of your words and feelings and get shamed and blamed in return?
  • Are you in need of support from someone, anyone who sees, hears, and understands emotional abuse and how damaging and serious this is?
Towson Health & Wellness Coach

Did you answer "YES" to some of those questions in your head or maybe to all of them. If so, this quiz is for you.

Emotional abuse is dangerous and causes many forms of harm.

Your health and the health and well-being of your child depend on your healing.

Please remember healthy self-love is a reflection of God’s love for you.

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What My Clients are Saying

I came to Donna in pieces and she has helped me make myself whole again. She listens and helps you reflect. She's given me tools to understand my situation, change it and move on in my life. Today, I'm safe, happy and whole and I owe it to myself - and to Donna (among others) who was the guiding light that gave me the strength to get here. 100% recommend her.
Soul Healing has given me the support, knowledge and faith to move ahead in my recovery. I am incredibly grateful for the grace, light, and enourgament I received from Soul Healing and Donna to progress in my recovery from emotional abuse. It has provided me with the comfort and support I needed to feel like myself again.
As a newcomer to counseling, I quickly became comfortable talking with Donna about matters that, at first, seemed complex and overwhelming. In time, I have gained tremendous insight about, not only the people and circumstances of concern, but, most importantly, about myself. Donna is very astute and highly skilled at asking thought-provoking questions that lead me to clarity. I invariably emerge from our sessions feeling better-prepared to continue my growth.
I highly recommend Donna Shin for personal and grief counseling. I came to Donna in January 2020. In addition to a lifetime of baggage that I’d never addressed, in November 2019 I lost my husband...the love of my life...my protector and my best friend. I was surrounded by pain and sadness all the time. I needed somebody to guide me through this time in my life. That’s when I found Donna! The first thing she asked me was “what do you want?”. My answer…”I want to live”. I had no idea how to get there or what it would look like which scared me to my core. Donna helped me to explore and feel my grief vs. hiding/running from it. She helped me learn that I was grieving and not clinically depressed. Whether it was reading books or blogs, or music, or Brain Spotting, or just talking...therapy went where I needed it to go under her expert oversight. During the pandemic, we moved seamlessly from in person to virtual sessions. Donna is professional, knowledgeable of varying mental health issues, faith-based, sensitive and understanding. I would readily recommend Donna to anyone who is seeking mental health support and guidance.
Narcissists superimpose their reality & inner critic into your own. Your voice becomes very passive and confused. Brain Spotting allowed traumatic experiences to be released, felt and healed with my own voice. It offered me a powerful way to take ownership of my traumatic experiences and process them independently.
I am so grateful for Donna’s online brain-spotting group. It was more effective than anything I’ve done. She's an incredible resource for healing. This process exceeded my expectations. I am grateful for the time I invested in my trauma recovery journey.
I'm grateful to Donna for recognizing there is a need for this type of healing. And for offering us a platform to be heard, in the midst of us discovering how to hear ourselves. Basic Breakthrough took the jumbled, chaotic pieces and helped me sort them so I could see clearly.
This group really allowed me to continue on my healing journey and rediscover myself and rewire my brain from past experiences. It really worked and allowed me to embrace myself and my experiences as well as empower myself.
When I started going to see Donna, I was at a low point in my life. What was most incredible initially was how welcoming and not intimidating she was. And how at ease I felt with her. It's amazing how Donna so logically explains things to me, but also supports and facilitates my own discovery through this process of therapy. I find Donna to be incredibly professional.
The basic breakthrough group provided a safe and supportive place for me to reflect, learn, and heal. I deeply appreciated Donna’s nonjudgmental, gentle, and wise presence. Learning from her and the other group member’s experiences and gifting this time to myself each week was invaluable


Donna Shin's New Book:
My Mystical Path

In my inspirational memoir, I share my own hero’s journey, modeled after Joseph Campbell’s mythological journey. It is a universal story of overcoming through the work and between tests and fears that I, or anyone who is called to this universal path of wholeness must resolve in order to return home as a changed, equipped, and victorious soul.

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