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About Me

I am a psychotherapist, holistic wellness coach, author, and a woman with deep faith who gets it. Specializing in helping spiritual “survivors” release the trauma and grief of emotional abuse in order to find meaning, and grow with grace and dignity is my passion.

My Story

When my second marriage began to unravel after I thought God gave me the love of my life – I was afraid, confused, and utterly lost. After becoming physically ill and heartbroken with the stress of, what I later understood to be, emotional abuse I finally broke free after years of trying to help us and change him. It was time to save myself and save my girls from losing their capable and up until then peaceful mom.

I often felt dismissed, was left alone a lot and started to feel taken for granted and that I didn’t have a real partner. Trying to share with him what I was concerned about or feeling, in an attempt to relate, was consistently taken as criticism.

This would bring the shaming, blaming or gaslighting — a term I didn’t even understand at the time, but became very familiar with. I questioned was I the crazy one here, but my gut told me I was not. I was up against too much and I was desperate for answers.

It was maddening and felt like I was being sucker punched between the bouts of what felt like genuine love, good times, and being put on a pedestal.

It was harrowing trying to figure it all out. When I finally got clear and experienced the disrespectful abuse that broke the proverbial camel’s back for the last time, I found the courage to leave for good. It was something to celebrate, but I felt like my life was over and like a part of me had died. I knew I’d never be the same.

Sound familiar?

As a woman with deep faith, having had a spiritual conversion at age 19 that changed my life I had nowhere to go but to God for emotional and mental strength. The God of Love that I know is faithful and meets us where we are. Do you know this to be true in your life too even if you may be having doubts right now?

Nothing is wasted in our lives when we believe that all things and experiences come to teach us and grow us up into our truest nature, which is love.

The lesson may be learning to really love yourself now.

The time I spent in that roller coaster marriage taught me so much about people and about myself. It was helping me to heal in deeper places that I didn’t even know needed healing. It led me to find a passion and purpose to help women like you in a more focused way, but I had to help myself first. Some of the ways I did that were to:

  • Ask myself, how did it really feel in that marriage?
  • Ask myself, how was I truly being dismissed and disrespected?
  • I had to recall the red flags I didn’t pay attention to in the beginning.
  • I had to admit his words and actions did not add up at times.
  • I had to stop denying the truth and stop loving the potential of who I thought he was and wanted him to be.
  • I had to take a good look at my fears about the marriage ending with my values and how it was going to affect my daughters and my legacy to them.
  • I had to ask for help.

I got help from several therapists, and healers I had met and sought out along the way. I cried and grieved deeply. I prayed and meditated whenever I could. I showed up for family events and for work and took myself on a trip or two.

I began learning more about becoming a coach and writing the book that was taking shape inside me. I kept up with my yoga practice and created a comfortable sanctuary for my youngest daughter and I to call home. I watched countless movies as I worked on a mosaic piece, I was making for my oldest daughter’s wedding gift.

I gave myself time just to be.

I learned a deeper way to care for myself and I let myself rest and found a new church and some new friends to connect with. Little by little hope began to return through the grief and new hopes and dreams started to seem possible again. I forgave myself for the blindspots I had and the hurt they caused others and in time, with understanding and God’s grace I forgave him too.  This was not easy, but it’s possible. It wasn’t the life I had imagined, but it was the one I was learning to accept. It was my new path. Deep within I felt new strength and faith and confidence start to grow — and it felt solid. The chaos was behind me, and I began to create new programs and dream about what life may offer me after this. I learned that I was not alone and how pervasive narcissism was and how many women, and even men, were suffering. I felt a new purpose and calling begin to stir. I knew I could help so many in their recoveries because I truly understand it, lived through it and had the credentials and tools to offer.

Having been a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with a master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling for twenty years, I have been honored to work helping many though the various challenges and suffering that life inevitably brings to us all at times.

Before starting my own holistic health counseling and coaching practice in Towson, I realized that recovering women needed healers with specialties in grief and loss and trauma. They needed a self-care plan, education and new perspectives. Unfortunately, there are therapists out there that do not know how to identify this kind of abuse. I encountered several myself and was left feeling helpless. I finally found one that got it, and got him, and that made all the difference.

I felt validated and affirmed about the character issues my husband had. I finally felt like I had been truly understood by someone who knew what it was like to feel unsafe in an emotionally abusive relationship. He encouraged me not to have “magical thinking.”

He knew I was a praying woman, and he was a man of faith as well as a professional in his field. He helped me really accept that the only person I could change was myself. He said I deserved much happiness and gave me his blessing.

My life has been redeemed and my girls are thriving. The hard work and time I dedicated myself to in my own recovery has reaped the fruits of renewed faith, confidence, and wisdom. I have new energy and stronger intuition. I love and care for myself in healthy ways and have the clarity to continue creating the life I now live. I listen to my body.

What happened to you was not your fault, but it is your responsibility to yourself, and to those you love who depend on you, to heal.

This is exactly what I want for you and am so excited to share in and guide you on your journey to renewed hope, clarity and confidence. Isn’t it time to truly embrace the lessons life has taught you through this and step forward into your new beginning?

Donna’s memoir is now available. She wrote it as a legacy of love to her family and for you to be inspired and find your own path through life’s hardest lessons.

The journey out of this is rich. Rich in lessons learned, rich in healing your wounds and moving forward with deeper faith, self-love and dignity.

~ Donna Shin, LCPC, Certified Holistic Wellness Coach

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  • Certified Wellness Coach with the International Association of Wellness Professionals (IAWP) – May 2020
  • Master of Science in Pastoral Counseling 2004 , Loyola University in Maryland
  • License MD – LC2632
  • NCC – National Certified Counselor – 2004
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
  • Level II GIM Training ( Guided Imagery with Music ) Mid Atlantic Training Institute 2008
  • Mastering the Meaning of Mandalas 2008 Sponsored by the Art Therapy Program of George Washington University
  • Brainspotting Certification – 2019
  • Approved Supervisor – MD Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

Community Involvement

  • Serves on the Board of Directors for RestorebyElizabethBauer.org – RESTORE by Elizabeth Bauer is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, dedicated to supporting women and their families navigating cancer treatments through personalized holistic care services and retreats while offering them access and education to alternative resources to conventional cancer treatment.


Donna Shin's New Book:
My Mystical Path

In my inspirational memoir, I share my own hero’s journey, modeled after Joseph Campbell’s mythological journey. It is a universal story of overcoming through the work and between tests and fears that I, or anyone who is called to this universal path of wholeness must resolve in order to return home as a changed, equipped, and victorious soul.

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