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Awakening – The Earth is Waking Up

The Earth is Waking Up

It’s here, well it’s coming in slowly but with certainty — Spring, and what a perfect time for transformation. It’s all around us. The question is are you waking up and growing?

What does it take to wake us up and help us grow, maybe a “Divine storm.” The thing is, the seemingly hardest and worst times of our lives can shake us to the core and usher in change, grief, and alas solid growth and consciousness. I remember some of my big awakenings, not all storms, but mostly… a diagnosis of advanced cancer at age 17, parent’s divorce, emotional abuse and neglect growing up, emotional abuse in my marriage to a covert narcissist, my own divorce, now let’s shift to some of the sweetness that was born out of those awakening events

How about a deep spiritual conversion at age 19 that came out of the blue, literally, that changed my life and brought in meaning when life felt meaningless. The birth of three healthy beautiful daughters when I was told by my oncologist that I would probably not be able to conceive. Knowing the deep love of God, family, and dear friends…  while experiencing grace every day. Work that is life-giving to me and makes a difference in other’s lives. That’s enough to crack the surface and get the point across. 

It’s life. We get the choice to make it what we want it to be.

We can use the storms to grow up and wake up, or not.  A few years ago, I had another diagnosis of what I was told was an incurable painful bladder disease. Being a believer in mind, body, spirit healing, Quantum Physics, and energy healing, I said no way. I would not accept it. I did the research, changed my diet, starting making green juice, drinking alkaline water, taking supplements, going to acupuncture, saw a naturopath, and did the emotional healing piece necessary. 

In this framework of healing, every illness has a physical and spiritual origin. I realized I “was pissed off” at some injustices in the abusive marriage relationship and sure enough, it showed up in my bladder. I not only got rid of it, I learned a whole new way to take care of myself and made some big lifestyle changes even though I considered myself very health conscious before. This Divine storm was awful and very physically and emotionally painful, but the learning I gained is for a lifetime and I deeply woke up to some deeper parts of myself as well and some truths I needed to face. Determination is key and where there is a will there really is a way. Enough about me for now. I am writing a book so stay tuned.

You have your own unique storms and stories that define you and make you the unique soul you are. The cool thing about Divine storms is that they can bring not only experiences of awakening, which are profoundly life-changing, they can also bring purpose, and put our life in a direction to be light and love for others. A good example is an addict who recovers and becomes the healer and counselor to light the path for those lost in the darkness of addiction. This is what it’s all about.

Unless we do “our work”, we may miss opportunities to help others and be blessed through this service. However, the personal gifts to be received are sweet too and the changes that, transforming through the storms, AWAKEN in our deepest self become solid and part of us.  We are given more capacity for joy, for love, for peace, than we could ever imagine and we gain wisdom. 

Love yourself enough to never give up on yourself and persevere through the storms. If you are in a storm that feels relentless and you need a path to light the way, and someone to journey with, I’m here for you. It is my honor and privilege to work with you.

May the Spring bring meaning and many opportunities for awakening for you.  It is a lifelong process and to everything, there is a season. 

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