Donna Shin Wellness Coach

About the groups

It is my honor to help you journey through these challenges to obtain clarity, healing and deep transformation. I will be live, facilitating these group meetings and getting to know each of you individually.

Focusing on your wholeness and recovery is my mission! I bring my certification as a Holistic Wellness Coach with the International Association of Wellness Professionals, my certification in the amazing brain, body based modality of Brainspotting as well as my 20 years as a Clinical Therapist specializing in grief, loss and trauma. Most of all I bring my calling to help you heal and find meaning and purpose out of all the pain you have suffered.

Having been inspired through my own life experience, to create this niche for spiritual women of faith who have been the target of emotional abuse, makes me a woman and a professional coach who gets it.

Grief and Letting Go

You can not escape feeling the difficult emotions of grief when you have been emotionally abused because you have experienced major changes and most likely lost someone that you were attached to and loved.

Change = Loss = Grief

If the abuser was a parent, you lost getting your needs met as a child and may have experienced shame — in essence, you lost yourself early in your life. This is tragic because you have most likely spent years looking for love in the wrong places. Your soul is longing for emotional connection and to experience love in a healthy relationship.

In a pathological love relationship, the assaults to your soul, your emotions, and your heart are more than enough. You may have lost your marriage, an intact family, your home, and the loss of a dream. Or, you may have lost a partner that you believed in and thought loved you.

The way to heal is to stop holding on and expecting your partner to change. You must first know what you are dealing with. You can’t fix what you can’t identify. Education about narcissists and other pathological disorders is necessary. At that point, if you identify, you have been with a narcissist or sociopath the letting go must begin. Your health ( mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical ) and the health of your children, if you have any, depend on it.

The only one you can change is yourself and your perspective.

Grief is the vehicle to get through losses and discover your truth and your true self again — and it hurts. It is also a normal and natural process. Find your support system, a professional who understands grief, and learn about grief. Finding strength in your faith relationship and seeking grace are sustaining. Sadness and anger are normal with such a big awakening and the life changes that follow.

The more you are able to honor and feel your feelings all with good support, in time the healing will come. It is true, you can not heal what you don’t feel. With each shift in your grief process the more you will be able to let go, little by little. Grief and the ability to let go do not come with time unless we consciously work at it.

Grief is a transformative process. As you journey through the grief and recovery process, moving closer to a place of acceptance—of what you have been through and what has happened, you will also come into a place of deeper acceptance of yourself.

Find a guide who understands to help you make meaning and discover hidden jewels in all of losses. Otherwise, you may become angry and spend your days seeing yourself as a victim.
There are gifts in grief and only in going through it with courage and no fear will you be able to transcend and grow.

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