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honoring self

Honoring Self

Think about it… how do you really honor you? Are you honoring self? This is a high calling that many misunderstand. Yes we need to take care of our bodies, be mindful of our thoughts, feel our emotions, and nurture our spirit to live fully and be our healthiest self from a holistic perspective. It can be challenging – just being mindful of what you are eating and how much sleep you get, are basic yet easily compromised, but your health and vitality depend on this self-care. Finding stillness and deep relaxation are often overlooked living in the frenetic pace of our world today. Health and wellness – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual, can not be achieved without honoring one’s self. It’s often an artful balance depending on what stage of life we are in, or especially when we are suffering.

Are you suffering?

Suffering is not meant to be endured. It is meant to be shared and transformed into an action plan or into growth and wisdom.

  • What are you doing to resolve the inner or outer conflict you may be feeling?
  • Are you paying attention to yourself?
  • What do you need?

Self-care is not optional at anytime, but is especially needed when working through the difficult emotions that life’s challenges inevitably bring.

  • Do you want to live and love from your truest, highest, and best self?

Making a decision to truly honor yourself is a priceless gift that only you can learn to give yourself. I am passionate about holistic self-care and teaching this to my clients to help them gain a solid foundation for living and for healing.

Loving oneself, as we are also called to do, which is often forgotten and also misunderstood is not selfish. I am speaking of a healthy and humble love of self that allows you to care for others as equally as you care for yourself. This is a matter of learning to respect that you matter and from that, learning how to speak your truth and implement healthy boundaries for example.

  • It involves owning your gifts and your “shadow” (which we all have).
  • It is accepting and becoming friends with all parts of yourself.
  • It is giving yourself a break, forgiving yourself if necessary, and not being harsh or critical of yourself.

Honoring self is about self-possession.

This means being aware /conscious of your deepest thoughts, feelings, needs and desires and owning them without shame. This requires time to understand yourself and how your experiences have impacted you and others and taking responsibility if necessary. Also, exploring what drives you and how your behaviors and your values are in or out of sync is valuable.

Taking a step into the counseling room is a courageous step in honoring yourself. There you can breathe and find a place to discover the answers that already reside within. Maybe you have not learned to really honor yourself, or perhaps others did not honor you in the way you deserved and have left you feeling defeated or unworthy. Learning how to honor yourself now, by finding your truth, and feeling that truth is a personal investment that brings clarity, increased energy and improved overall health. The connection you make with your therapist is essential for the healing process to progress. I strive to offer a safe and comfortable resting place where you can feel honored, respected, and find hope.

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