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How Narcissistic Abuse Leads to the Path of Wholeness

Have you ever thought of your life as a journey or a path? All the experiences we have contribute to our path. I have had mystical experiences feeling God’s love and call to me, hence the name of my book, My Mystical Path: A Memoir of Finding Grace and Dignity in Life’s Hardest Lessons. If you wrote a book what would you call it?  My _________ Path. Fill in the blank! 

I hope you are well in your heart and soul. I don’t think any of us would fill in the blank with My Narcissistic Path, but maybe you could. Having experienced narcissistic abuse with a family member, friend, or in a love relationship is a big defining deal. It does not define you unless you allow it too. 

We were created to become whole in body, mind, and spirit – connected, self-aware, conscious, healthy and filled with love —for God, others and ourselves. We may not attain this fully until we get to heaven, but we can continually grow in that direction, and it feels amazing! ✨✨✨

So how does experiencing narcissism factor into this?  In my experience, and in the experiences of my clients, suffering through, learning about, and working through the grief and trauma of narcissistic abuse is a unique form of suffering. We all have a unique story and path. Recovering and transcending it all requires devoted time and attention to process and grow from one shift to the next. 

Little by little as you surrender and find your way through, you will be creating your own path to wholeness. The strength within that will emerge will become solid as you trust that there is a way through and your new beginnings are definitely possible. However, you have to do the work and keep moving forward. 

✨There is much to learn and we learn best from each other and from those who have traveled the path before you and are now thriving. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for a free consultation for guidance and direction on your unique path. I love hearing from you. 

With light, love and strength,

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