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I Will Treat Myself With Gentle Respect

I will treat myself with gentle respect.

Can you say that and really mean it? Does your life show it especially when going through a dark time?
Can you stand as the caretaker of your own soul and protect it?

We have to create our own peace, don’t we?  It is a choice. How do you take care of yourself and show yourelf respect?  Listening to yourself — to hear what you are feeling and thinking is a valuable practice. It will inform you of what you need and then you can decide how to give that to yourself. 

Your self-love or respect is a reflection of God’s love for you, and so is your self-care. Be still my soul and listen. This happens in meditation, in a warm bath, or even a walk in the snow. Sacred self-care is connecting with your deepest self.  Yes, massage, a vacation, connecting with friends, meeting with a healer or therapist, and eating well are all healthy and great examples of gifts you can give yourself — so please do!  

I ask people I work with to tell me what grounds them, brings them back to themself, and gives them energy.  These are your sacred self-care practices. Sometimes people don’t know so we work on a plan for them.  As a holistic and clinical pastoral therapist and wellness coach, I want to offer you the best guidance on creating a mind, body, and spirit sacred self-care plan. Loving yourself begins here.

This is especially needed for those who are in, or recovering from an abusive relationship. It can be with an abusive partner, a work colleague, or a family member. Sacred self-care learns and implements healthy boundaries and seeks safety to protect their soul. An abusive relationship can cause great damage and trauma and this is never okay. Understanding your truth and educating yourself about the best course of action is essential and often very difficult when in the thick of it. Obtaining the support needed is sacred self-care. 

Self Respect | Self-care matters.

You matter, and when you understand how deeply you are loved you will care for yourself and others so much better. The only one we can change is ourselves, so it all starts with you. It is my honor to support you and help you untangle whatever is needed to help you practice your own sacred self-care or respect.

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