Donna Shin Wellness Coach

Individual Coaching

Helping spiritually aware women recognize when they are in an emotionally abusive relationship and recover from it. 

I Can Help You…
  • See clearly to face your truth so that you know how to move forward with trust. 
  • Develop a wellness self-care plan so that you are supporting your whole self in recovery.
  • With education on emotional abuse and narcissism.
  • Identify codependence and super traits so you know yourself better and can break the pattern of choosing unavailable men.
  • Take responsibility for yourself and develop healthy boundaries
  • Surrender to grief and grace, trust in your loving God or Higher Power.
  • Understand trauma so that you can identify the trauma symptoms that you may be experiencing. 

One-month Integration Package  – Four 60 minute sessions is for you if, 

  • Need to gain clarity
  • Desire Brainspotting
  • Have a special issue to process
  • Desire a “tune up”

3-month Integration Package – Twelve 60 minute sessions is for you if,

  • You want to make a dedicated commitment to your healing work
  • Desire regular Brainspotting
  • Desire to go deeper and get to the root of an issue
  • You are looking for lasting change
The journey out of this is rich. Rich in lessons learned, rich in healing your wounds and moving forward with deeper faith, self-love and dignity.

~ Donna Shin, LCPC, Certified Holistic Wellness Coach

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