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personal transformation

Personal Transformation

What does personal transformation mean to you? We hear this word a lot. My favorite definition of transformation comes from a spiritual teacher of mine, Caroline Myss. She says that it involves moving from one level of consciousness to another. Just brilliant!

Becoming more conscious, said another way — more aware brings vitality, clarity and a more solid self. To feel truly grounded in yourself is peace and health. The more self-aware we are the more in control we are of our emotions and our behaviors. This is our life journey to attain self-knowledge and become more aware of ourselves and of others too.

It’s often through suffering that we are refined. This is why the natural process of grief is so essential. The literal gifts of grief are trying to bring us to deeper awareness, resilience, stronger character and hope for a new beginning.

After my own suffering through an emotionally abusive relationship I certainly had a shocking awareness that some people are truly unconscious and oblivious to the pain they cause. This was necessary learning and indeed a transformative experience for me. It became a time to rise up and say NO and surrender to the painful and hard won lessons. Without my faith, I may have stayed in a bitter and stuck place. Can anyone relate?

We are living in an age of narcissism and the faster we become aware of it the better. You will meet these unconscious dangerous people in your family, in your workplace or like me you may have even have fallen in love and been duped by a covert narcissist who’s charm and cunning manipulations blindsided you. Even more scary is that some personality disorders are aware of the hurt they are causing others — and they enjoy it. In my group, Basic Breakthrough you will learn about these types of narcissists and sociopaths on the spectrum of abuse and how they behave.

A Pastor of mine told me, when I was deeply hurting not to blame myself, ” These people can fool anyone.” That was a comfort at the time when I was being so hard and unforgiving toward myself. It was through the education and the grief that I came through with new consciousness, strength and possibility. And oh my gosh, I was educated… I am now more aware that until you have experienced a pathological person, all the education and psychopathology classes are just words on a page.

Take heart, we have been created to survive and transform from one level of consciousness to another, BUT we need support and we have to do our work with the right people. We need grace from above and healers of all kinds to help us come out of the fog.

It is my honor to journey with and guide those who have stepped on or been pushed over the edge to begin their journey of transformation.

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