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Releasing Trauma

My calling is to help spiritual women understand if they are involved in the confusion and trauma of a toxic emotionally abusive relationship and to guide them to heal, transform and transcend the pain into a meaningful new beginning.


Have you done a lot of work already and just need to go deeper to release the leftover pieces of grief, self-doubt, or shame to recover your truest and most vibrant self — healthy in mind, body and spirit?

I Can Help You…

  • process and release the trauma in a facilitated creative brainspotting group experience
  • be amazed at the healing that is possible! 
Towson Trauma Recovery

Releasing Trauma For Deeper Healing

Nearly all victims of emotional abuse suffer from at least some form of trauma, and more than half of these victims have C-PTSD or PTSD.

The fact is that ending an abusive relationship is not a normal breakup.

These relationships almost always result in cognitive dissonance from trauma bonding that can be truly difficult to heal. This requires more than just talk therapy to overcome.

Unfortunately, many therapists don’t have a good understanding of narcissistic abuse due to its unique symptoms, which are considerably different from the symptoms of ordinary PTSD. This is why here in my Towson therapy practice, I focus on recovery from narcissistic emotional abuse and the PTSD it causes.

I know that some of the common symptoms of PTSD caused by emotional abuse include:
• Flashbacks to the good times, which leads to a feeling of pain and regret
• Constantly thinking about the good times and what went wrong
• Feelings of self-loathing and misguided guilt
• Unstable and irregular emotions
• Difficulty with focusing, sleeping, and working due to extreme anxiety

Remaining in contact with a psychologically disturbed individual for a long time can negatively impact the body and brain. It can wear anyone down, leading to exhaustion and illness.

Our brains hold subcortical structures that contain our memories and help process emotions. These structures can retain the negative emotions and energy, making it difficult to recover.

This is where brainspotting comes in. This form of psychotherapy helps to process and release this retained trauma allowing your nervous system to return to a positive and healthy state. This can restore your confidence, health, and help you to enjoy life again.

This is an effective treatment performed in a supportive environment that will allow you to regain control as well as your passion for life.


How long does it last?

This deeper dive trauma recovery brainspotting group is held for six (6) weeks, once weekly for 90 minutes led by me in a creative flow.  Each member will be able to process individually within the collective energy of the group with some sharing if desired.

The journey out of this is rich. Rich in lessons learned, rich in healing your wounds and moving forward with deeper faith, self-love and dignity.

~ Donna Shin, LCPC, Certified Holistic Wellness Coach

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