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Soul of Healing Sister's Moving Forward

My calling is to help spiritual women understand if they are involved in the confusion and trauma of a toxic emotionally abusive relationship and to guide them to heal, transform and transcend the pain into a meaningful new beginning.


I am a holistic and alternative healing coach in Towson, MD specializing in healing from narcissistic emotional abuse, grief and loss, and trauma

You are sure you are dealing with a toxic unwell person, maybe even one with pathology and an inability to really relate to you and be in a healthy relationship?

Contact us today if you have any questions about our alternative healing services in Towson.

I Can Help You…

  • If you feel stuck to break through and shift to the next place. 
  • if you need a dedicated place of your own to come to every other week to focus on you and your healing.
  • Continue in your healing while connecting with kindred spirits so you don’t feel alone but instead feel connected and that you are making progress.
  • Grow with a new theme to focus on each month so that you become the expert in your own life.
  • Experience meditation, brainspotting, and one on one coaching so you can do this work in your mind, body, and spirit. 
  • move forward!
Towson Alternative Healing

Please note: This group is intended for women that have already gone through the Soul of Healing Basic Breakthrough. For those who truly believe they are ready to join this group, contact me, and we can schedule an interview to see if you are a good match.


By working in a group, you can discover details of your situation that may have been impossible to see on your own.

This group focuses on continuing to heal your soul through proceeding even further in understanding your situation with an encouraging group of women who have been through similar experiences. Soul of Healing Sister’s Moving Forward is a way to connect to other women that have experienced some of the same situations and are trying to recover. I share ideas about your recovery and potential alerts to be aware of in case the situation resurfaces along with the other woman that are part of the small group.

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You have already begun to understand your situation in the Soul of Healing Basic Breakthrough, and now it is time to learn more ways to help you discover the new you. You will learn support techniques and receive personal coaching from Donna. Through working with a community, you will work further through the trauma and receive the support you need to feel the hope and inspiration you need to see the light at the other end. You will learn techniques to move forward with trauma and abuse counseling and transformative recovery in Towson.

Do you feel like there is no way to move forward, and there is nowhere to turn to for help? This is natural, and you need help and a source of light to help you to see there is a new and special life ahead of you that is only a few steps away.

What you need is a place away from all your stress and responsibilities to step back and work on yourself. Not just to unwind but to take care of yourself spiritually and mentally.

You will receive all of this and more with group meetings held with Donna. Our group will follow a different theme every month, with bi-weekly meetings lasting 90 minutes. Your membership will include more intensive training on what the group chooses, as well as question and answer sessions and group brainspotting. You will also have the chance to work with Donna in one-on-one sessions followed by group feedback.

The journey out of this is rich. Rich in lessons learned, rich in healing your wounds and moving forward with deeper faith, self-love and dignity.

~ Donna Shin, LCPC, Certified Holistic Wellness Coach

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