Donna Shin Wellness Coach

How Toxic Is Your Relationship?

  1. Are you suffering in your relationship and praying desperately for answers and clarity?
  2. Do you feel like you’re going crazy and have become very reactive and don’t like the woman you’re becoming?
  3. Are you trying too hard to get your needs met and change or “help” your partner?
  4. Are you coming up against dismissal of your words and feelings and get shamed and blamed in return?
  5. Are you in need of support from someone, anyone who sees, hears, and understands emotional abuse and how damaging and serious this is?

If so, then this quiz is for you… Please thank the first step in discerning or confirming if you may be involved with a pathological toxic person.

Your health and well-being depend on it and your children’s as well.

I made this well researched quiz just for you. I care, and as a woman of God, Pastoral Counselor, and Holistic Wellness Coach I know it is essential for you to seek help and find your way to safety, truth, and freedom through our narcissistic recovery and trauma counseling in Towson.

Please remember healthy self-love is a reflection of God’s love for you.

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