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Emotional Abuse

The Truth About Healing From Emotional Abuse – A Spiritual Perspective

We need to treat each emotionally abusive relationship uniquely. However, just like many notice that narcissists all behave from a similar “playlist” of abusive tactics, there are similarities in how deep, lasting, and life changing healing happens.

Each stage brings different challenges and pain. It can take one down, to their knees, if they are consciously dealing with it — and open.  And it is an initiation in the depths self and Spirit if you have stepped onto the path, of surrendering your life into the loving care of the God of this universe.

Sometimes the suffering caused by the pain of this abuse gives you no place to turn but to God, in a cry for help, and that is really a blessing. At this point you are not alone and the God of the universe is on your side to see you through. That in itself is a major transformation that needs nurturing.

The waking up, the confusion, the feeling of going crazy, the roller coaster emotions and reactions need stabilizing. This is done with education and finding your truth and clarity about the relationship and it is necessary and highly important. I have walked with many on this journey, as well as navigated my own.

The journey is not a linear one because working through the grief and trauma involved is a delicate matter. You can easily get stuck in either of these places and miss the gifts and insights that are meant for you.

 It is true that, “it” true healing, takes as long as it takes. You may feel temped to say enough in your weariness. Unfortunately,  the grief and trauma are taking up precious space for living well and it will catch up with you somewhere.

Have you felt like you have, and you probably have, done a lot of work but still feel a lingering heaviness like your life will never be the same again. Well, it won’t but don’t get stuck there.

Keep moving forward and let the grace of God rewire you in the broken places. and help you find meaning and purpose out of the mess. This is a relational healing. You do your part, with the right support, and God promises you that so much peace and new energy are possible. Freedom awaits.

I am a psychotherapist, holistic wellness coach, author and a woman with deep faith who gets it.  Specializing in helping spiritual survivors release the trauma and grief of emotional abuse in order to find meaning and grow with grace and dignity is my passion.

With light, love and strength,

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