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How Toxic Is Your Relationship?

Toxicity Quiz


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Do you feel like you've lost yourself in this relationship?

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Does your partner handle loving criticism well?

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Do you experience periods of intense highs and lows in this relationship?

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Do you feel you can genuinely trust your partner?

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Does your partner take responsibility when they are wrong or they've hurt you?

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Can you be honest with your feelings without fearing how your partner will respond?

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Does your partner make you question your memory, perception, or judgement?

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Can you respectfully discuss issues together and agree to disagree or compromise in a respectful way?

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Does your gut or red flags tell you something is off with this partner?

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Do you bring out the best in each other and enjoy spending time together?

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Did your relationship begin with an intensity that swept you off your feet?

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Have you ever felt used or manipulated to make your partner look good?

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Have you become physically or mentally ill due to stress in this relationship?

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Do you feel like few understand, or see, your pain - even therapists?

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Are you aware of feeling subtly shamed or blamed in this relationship?

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Is your partner able to show empathy about your concerns and feelings?

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